What People Say



Age: 67

Location: Sorrento, VIC

“…After having difficulty recovering from a broken hip, I desperately wanted to find an alternative to having surgery for a hip replacement. I first learned of Low Level Laser while reading a book by Professor Norman Doidge whose innovative work impressed me greatly. I subsequently did some extensive online research about laser devices available in Australia. B-Cure Laser certainly stood out from the other competitors but I have to admit I was initially skeptical about making the investment. After making contact with the sales department to find out some extra information, I liked the fact that they offered various purchase and rental options and didn’t push me to just buy, buy, buy. The reason that I ultimately chose B-Cure was the fact that they offer an extensive product support program to help people learn how to best use the device. I am able to call them whenever I need and speak a real person. They keep comprehensive notes on my file so I don’t have to go through the whole story each time I ring. Even though I thought the product was a bit pricey at first, I definitely get full value out of their customer support – which is really hard to find these days…


Age: 60

Location: Narre Warren, VIC

“…I have bad osteoarthritis in my knees and I heard about B-Cure Laser on the radio. I wanted to find out a little more about the technology before buying it so I made an appointment for an in-store demonstration. David was very patient and spent a lot of time answering my questions but I still wasn’t convinced. David then offered me to try some treatments in a private room next to the showroom. I felt really good after those first treatments and decided to buy the device there and then. I haven’t looked back…


Age: 68

Location: Glen Waverly, VIC

“…I bought a B-Cure Laser because I was having severe pain in my right knee, my left shoulder and my left wrist. I regularly treat myself with the laser 2-3 times a day in each of my pain areas. At first it seemed like a lot of work because I had so many spots to cover but I quickly realised that the efforts were paying off. My B-Cure is working fantastically and my pain is really down in all spots. I have recommended to his quite a few of my friends as well because I want them to experience the same relief that I am. I have much more energy these days because I can get a decent night’s rest…


Age: Early 60s

Location: Frankston, VIC

“…It’s been close to six weeks I’ve been using the B-Cure Laser. I am not going to stop using it either. I am feeling quite amazing.
The osteoarthritis in my knee has become manageable. I use the B-Cure Laser 3 to 4 times a day, every day, on all three parts of the knee they suggest in the manual. It sounds like a lot, yet I’ve managed to make the process part of my routine of a morning at breakfast reading the paper, working on the computer, watching TV. The B-Cure Laser is now part of my life.

The first main benefit I noticed was bedtime. Literally on day 1 after two applications of the B-Cure Laser, I had a decent night’s sleep. With the osteoarthritis bedtime has always been a hassle. The pain throbs. Now, I’m not feeling the pain I once did, and can sleep right through the night. This is great, but I am reading less books. When I couldn’t sleep I’d get up, sit on the lounge and read most of the night, but I can now sleep – so it’s a lovely swap. I will catch up reading during the day!

My knee feels much stronger, more settled and I am more comfortable. I used to wear a heavy brace on long walks. Now I find myself being able to walk longer, and further and I can easily go without the brace nine out of ten times.
I will continue to use the B-Cure Laser constantly because I figure why not, it’s helping me, so I want to keep feeling the pain relief. It’s as if a fog has lifted. Because when I could not sleep at night, I would be so drained and tired. With the regular B-Cure Laser treatments I honestly feel as though I have my life back.
I like it being non-invasive as well. I’m not using pain killers any longer, I disliked them anyway. I still use my fish oil though.
We’re off on holidays overseas in coming weeks to visit family. It’s a trip I can now look forward to with energy and excitement because I’m not thinking about the Osteoarthritis all the time.

On the pain scale of 1 to 10, (with 10 being the highest) today the pain is about a 3. That’s much lower than recent years!
I suspected the B-Cure Laser would do something, it’s a professional product. I just never thought it would make such a difference to my life…


Age: 50s

Location: Reservoir, VIC

“…In recent weeks, the more I have used the B-Cure Laser I am feeling more free in my movement. If I hear the phone ringing, I can now rush up the stairs to answer it, where as a while ago I would simply have to let it ring out.

I‘m certainly more mobile now, in fact we recently visited the Aquarium and I felt very strong on my ankle. Day trips like that were a pipe dream before the B-Cure Laser. I might sound like a big kid, but going to the Zoo for a day trip is my next goal.

I am using the B-Cure Laser at least twice a day.
First thing in the morning, and then I do the treatment again of a night time.
Currently I doing 5 minute bursts on each of the 4 spots the manual recommends.

I’ve found now being in less pain, the tablets I once relied on for my ankle, I have not taken for some time. I still take my multivitamins like primrose oil and fish oil, but I’m not relying on painkillers any longer. This is great for me as I’d often have negative reactions to various pills.

I have to say the B-Cure Laser has been a brilliant new addition to my life. It has to be one of the best things to happen to me. I feel happy, I feel like I’m getting more and more active. It gives me hope…


Age: not supplied

Location: Dingley, VIC


“…I have had knee pain for years now.  Recently, I went and had arthroscopic surgery and even after the 6 week healing period the inflammation of my knee was causing me a lot of pain and still hadn’t subsided 9 months later. I was in constant pain and couldn’t  attend the gym as often as I used to because I had to be very cautious of my knee.  Now that I have been using the B-Cure laser I can frequently attend the gym as I used to and my knee’s inflammation has significantly gone down and the pain has completely subsided.  I have some arthritic pain in my hands and am going to try the laser on that pain to take advantage how versatile the device is…”



LocationBrunswick, VIC


“…I have severe arthritis in my left hand. I use the device twice a day on 2 spots for 6 minutes each. I also had a badly twisted neck as well and used it on that to relieve my pain. The B-Cure does exactly what it’s expected to do.

We live on a large property which requires a lot of upkeep and when my pain was bad, I couldn’t get to do all the chores. After hearing the advert on 3AW with Bruce Mansfield we thought it would be worth a try. We haven’t looked back. The pain relief was almost instant and has been steady since I started using it. I have been able to get back to my active lifestyle thanks to the B-Cure…”


Age: 60s

Location: Caulfield, VIC


“…When I met Avi, who introduced me to B-CURE laser device, I had sprained ankle for about a week and naturally it was very unpleasant experience. Avi’s demonstration of the benefits of B-CURE laser was so convincing, I decided to buy B-CURE and it was the best investment I ever made! Within one week my ankle was healed (my doctor estimated six to eight weeks recovery). I am also treating arthritis in my knees and I am very happy with the results as the usual stiffness and discomfort disappeared.

Being almost seventy years old I could expect some wear and tear in the body, but thanks to B-CURE laser I am sure I will get through with flying colours..

Thank you B-CURE


Age: not supplied

Location: Belgrave South, VIC


-Seriously my pain has reduced by half and my shoulder pain only occurs rarely now. When i bought it I was in so much pain in that shoulder and now I hardly think about it! Having Lyme Disease I have a lot of pain and this painless device is cutting down painful treatments such as massages and osteopaths. Really happy and I have been recommending it to my friends who live in pain…”